The proudest Blue

Pink?! Blue just like the color of the ocean and the sky, no line between them, saying hello with a loud wave.

With her new light-up shoes, Faizah is so excited about her first day of school. But not only for herself, her older sister Asiya has her first day of Hijab too. „First day of hijab is important…It means being strong.“ At school, Faizah notices that not everyone sees her sister’s hijab as beautiful as she does.

A girl ask „what’s that on your sister‘s head?“ „a scarf“ I whisper back – I don’t know why a whisper came out. I try again louder now „A scarf. Hijab“

With disappointment and hurtful words in school, Faizah had to find a way to be strong. Shortly she remembers her mother‘s encouraging words to help her through the day and give her strength.

This poetic book is lovely written with beautiful illustrations. It talks about Family, faith, strength, love, courage and identity. It empowers children to believe in themselves and in the power of their belief. Every child should have the possibility to show his/her faith in anyway he/she* wants. Hijab is taking pride and loving Allah. Let your children learn to respect and value other religions signs just as they honor their own.

Verlag: Little Brown and Company
Sprache: Nur auf englisch
Lesealter: 4-8 Jahren
Autorin: Ibtuhaj Muhammad
Illustration: Hatem Aly
Jahr: 2019

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