Corduroy is a bear who lives in a toyshop. While shoppers come and go, nobody ever notice the bear in green overalls. As one day, a girl named Lisa, discovers Corduroy. She is eager to have him, but her mother refuses to spend more money and notices as well, that a button is missing from his overalls.

Later that night, Corduroy decides to search for his button. This turns to be an adventure in the shopping mall. Upstairs, Corduroy spots buttons on a mattress and feels relieved. Suddently, he notices, the watchman heard him.

Will Corduroy find his button?

Did the watchman catch him?

What about Lisa, is she coming back for Corduroy?

This book was written and illustrated by Don Freeman(1908-1978) and published in 1968, turning 53 this year. A children’s classic with a simple and wonderful story about loving, caring and friendship.

Note: “Initially, Corduroy wasn’t chosen to be published by Viking Press because they only published a small number of books each year. Don Freeman continued to remind the editors at Viking Press about this plucky little bear until, eventually, they decided to publish him. Freeman wrote the first draft in 1967, and the first copies graced bookstore shelves in 1968. Don’s follow-up, A Pocket For Corduroy, was published in 1978, but sadly Freeman passed away before he could see it in print. ”(

Note: There were times when this book was the only thing we read multiple times in a row. My son’s favorite illistration is Corduroy pulling the „button“ off the mattress and flying through the air hitting the lamp! We read and play this scene over and over again. This is definitely one of our favourites.

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