Thank you Omu

One day as Omu (Igbo word for Queen) was cooking her delicious stew, a scrumptious scent flew over the neighbourhood. A little boy playing outside knock on her door and ask for a portion. One by one, Omu offers her meal to everyone. Suddenly she realize the pot was empty. Because of her generosity, Omu has nothing left for herself.

This book from Oge Mora which was inspired by the strong female role models in her life (her grandma), brings a heart warming story of sharing and community to life in a colorful cut-paper designs.

“Sharing is a lot like giving thanks-they both bring people together”

Titel: Thank you Omu
Autorin und Illustratorin: Oge Mora
Altersempfehlung: Ab 4 Jahren
Sprache: Englisch

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